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Groundhog Day, 2024

February 02, 2024 — Gideon Mayhak

There is one holiday that I love, in part because there is no expectation of gift-giving and in part because I get to watch a terrific movie:

Groundhog Day!

This year, Sarah heard my pleas loud and clear and agreed that it was time we had a year with no (holiday-connected) gifts. She made a nice card to better express the sentiment.

"There is no way that this winter is ever going to end."

-Bill Murray as Phil Connors, Groundhog Day

The card

Side one of our 2024 Groundhog Day card

Side two of our 2024 Groundhog Day card

A transcription of the back

Happy Groundhog Day!

In the 1993 classic movie Groundhog Day, weatherman Phil Connors is doomed to repeat the same day over and over again until he learns what really matters in life.

This Groundhog Day, we wanted to share that in 2024, we are taking a break from the expectations associated with calendar gift-giving on birthdays, Christmas, etc. Oftentimes, we'll find lovely things that remind us of our friends and family, but tuck those items away 'til a holiday approaches. Or, we'll buy a flurry of items in the mad rush as Christmas approaches to ensure we won't be empty-handed in a gift exchange.

This year, we want to scale back on this kind of obligatory gift-giving, and instead find & share things with the people we love when we find them, instead of waiting for a season of expectation to give. We want to focus on the things that matter most (which are not things), so we hope you'll understand this choice as we abstain from gift-giving this year.

We also invite you to join us and skip us on your gift list this year, to instead just enjoy the company of the people we love, rather than the expectations of what we might give/get.

Cheers to being present & skipping the presents!
- The Mayhaks: Sarah & Gideon & Ginny

"From Punxsutawney, it's Phil Connors. So long."

"Owe no one anything, except to love one another; for he who loves his neighbor has fulfilled the law."

Romans 13:8, WEB

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