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Goodbye, Ginny

April 21, 2024 — Gideon Mayhak


At 3:23 p.m. on Friday, April 19, we said goodbye to our beloved coonhound Ginny. It is an understatement to say it hit us hard. She was so much a part of our new life back in Wisconsin, living with us for over two and a half of the three years we've owned our house in Barron. The emotional weight has felt like moving. We left our home around 2:00 p.m. on Friday for the last time, and we came home to a new space. Where's our girl?

Consider this a eulogy for a dog.


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Groundhog Day, 2024

February 02, 2024 — Gideon Mayhak

There is one holiday that I love, in part because there is no expectation of gift-giving and in part because I get to watch a terrific movie:

Groundhog Day!

This year, Sarah heard my pleas loud and clear and agreed that it was time we had a year with no (holiday-connected) gifts. She made a nice card to better express the sentiment.


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Photo calendar, 2024

December 31, 2023 — Gideon Mayhak


And now for the Fourth Annual Photo Calendar! This year saw another decline in the volume of pictures taken, but I still managed to get out with my camera once or twice a month. As a matter of fact, knowing I'd be putting together a calendar is often what got me outside to make sure I had enough.

One of these years I'll be lazy enough to do a "B-sides and rarities" edition where I make a calendar from past years' pics that didn't make the cut, but it is not this day.


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Season's greetings, 2023

December 24, 2023 — Gideon Mayhak


I'm going to keep this year's post short because I don't have much to say and I put this off to the last moment. Sarah has made another lovely card, and I think it does a great job capturing special moments particularly with the kiddos in our lives.


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Starting my dream job

August 20, 2023 — Gideon Mayhak

I've been putting off writing this post for a while, so I'm going to keep it brief so I get it out there. TL;DR: I am now working part-time with MBOA, the team behind JMP. You can read more about JMP in my previous blog post. You can read some of my immediate thoughts in this blog post.


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Phone freedom: making the JMP

June 12, 2023 — Gideon Mayhak

JMP celebrates their official launch today after being in beta for over 6 years. I have been a customer since October 2022, and I ported my main phone number in January. If you've called or texted me in the last five months, it went through JMP.

I have never been happier with a paid service. The quality of the service, the support from the staff and community, and the response to reported issues have all been top-notch. I've literally had bugs fixed within hours of reporting them, and I get to chat with the main developers on a daily basis.

In this post I'll recap my personal history using the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and detail why you should consider switching to JMP. It could save you hundreds of dollars a year!


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Migrating to AlmaLinux

April 13, 2023 — Gideon Mayhak


Given recent reminders about the shorter lifespan of CentOS Stream releases, I decided to rethink what I run on my server. The two main options for those who want the full life cycle of RHEL without actually running RHEL are AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux. For reasons I don't fully understand, I get a better vibe from AlmaLinux. You'll want to do your own research to see what works best for you.

I still like the idea of CentOS Stream, but I also like the idea of leaving this server on the same OS for ~6 more years. Instead of trying to do an unsupported upgrade to Stream 9, let's migrate to AlmaLinux!


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Photo calendar, 2023

December 31, 2022 — Gideon Mayhak


Without any qualification, I have for you today my Third Annual Photo Calendar. I took far fewer pictures in 2022 than 2021, but I still managed to take a good number of pictures each month. Feel free to take a look at the photos I took this past year and let me know which ones you would've picked.


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