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Summer 2021 updates

July 21, 2021 — Gideon Mayhak

The past couple months flew by as Sarah and I have been getting settled into our new house. Weekdays have been filled with trips to Menards, and weekends have mostly been trips to see family. I don't want this blog to fall by the wayside completely, so here's a short recap of how things are going.


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New beginnings

November 13, 2020 — Gideon Mayhak

How did I get here?

My name is Gideon Mayhak, and I'm currently living in Bridgewater, VA, with my wife, Sarah. We're both from Wisconsin originally; I was born and raised in Wisconsin Rapids and she was born in Merrill. A teaching job at James Madison University brought Sarah to Virginia in 2015, and I followed her when we got married on May 16, 2016. I ended up with a job at JMU, too.

I write this first post of few as we look forward to moving back to Wisconsin sometime next year. Sarah got a teaching job at WITC in Rice Lake, WI. I plan to follow a little closer this time.


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