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Photo calendar, 2022

December 31, 2021 — Gideon Mayhak


I can't find a reference for this, but I seem to recall at least one popular style guide (perhaps the AP Stylebook) states that a yearly event shouldn't be referred to as "annual" until the third occurrence. However, I have also seen folks argue that the second time an event takes place is enough to say it's annual. All that to say, this marks my Second Annual Photo Calendar.

Don't @ me.

2021 Across the Country

As with last year, I strove to select a picture for each month that had been taken in that month. Contrary to last year, now the pictures come from three distinct states. You can imagine why.


Cooks Creek Arboretum, January 10th

Taken on January 10th in the Cooks Creek Arboretum. I took several pictures of an owl last year, but none of them made it on the calendar. I knew this year's visitor had to make the cut.


Cooks Creek Arboretum, February 1st

Taken on February 1st in the Cooks Creek Arboretum.


Cooks Creek Arboretum, March 25th

Taken on March 25th on the edge of the Cooks Creek Arboretum.


Cooks Creek Arboretum, April 18th

Taken on April 18th in the Cooks Creek Arboretum.


Stranded on the side of US 35 in Ohio, May 15th

Taken on May 15th on the side of US 35 in Ohio. In the process of moving from Virginia to Wisconsin, we were temporarily delayed by a bad tire on our moving truck. I snapped some shots of rays of light coming through the cloudy sky while we waited for the replacement. I was quite delighted to see this when I finally had a chance to go through the pictures from that day.


Barron, Wisconsin, June 27th

Taken on June 27th during a walk in our new neighborhood.


Rice Lake, Wisconsin, July 4th

Taken on July 4th in Rice Lake, WI, during their impressive fireworks display.


Shell Lake, Wisconsin, August 21st

Taken on August 21st in the nearby Shell Lake, WI.


Chetek, Wisconsin, September 18th

Taken on September 18th in the nearby Chetek, WI.


Rockman's Woods, October 3rd

Taken on October 3rd in Rockman's Woods during one of our first adventures with Ginny.


Quaderer Creek, November 14th

Taken on November 14th along Quaderer Creek near our house.


Our Home, December 3rd

Taken on December 3rd after a light snowfall. Thankfully, we had put up our Christmas lights the previous weekend. While it may not be the most artful photo in the calendar, it is our home.

Happy New Year!

"You crown the year with your bounty.
Your carts overflow with abundance."

Psalm 65:11, WEB

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