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From Banta to Battles

November 20, 2020 — Gideon Mayhak

After completing my CD ripping project, I decided it was time to listen to my 264-disc collection all over again. I haven't listened to some of these albums in their entirety for years, and I wanted to revisit some of those less-worn tomes. I figured it might be nice to write a little about them as I go, but don't expect top-quality music journalism or in-depth song analyses.


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Adventures in CD ripping

November 15, 2020 — Gideon Mayhak

It all started several years ago when I read Thomas Vander Stichele's The Art of the Rip and learned about the new morituri project. Up to that point, I'd been ripping my CDs straight to Ogg Vorbis using Grip. I would usually enter track information manually to suit my preferences, and I used a fairly low bitrate for playback on a little digital audio player running Rockbox.

The idea of ripping my CDs to FLAC and having thorough metadata brought in from MusicBrainz (which was also new to me at the time) was a revelation. Add on top of that the promise of a rip that was "guaranteed" to be accurate not only by doing local checks but also by comparing it to an online database (AccurateRip), and I was ready to rerip my modest CD collection.


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